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Produccion hasta 3.600 / h

Process / Single process steps on this production line: * Filling of the bottles * Conveyor cups positioned in rows on a cell conveyor * Insertion and precrimping in onestep * Post-crimping * Fitting of shoulder rings - machine type MFCS L * Placing of final cap * Placing of bottom label - machine typ MCS-R Filling and closing MFCS-L Filling and closing machine Capacity up to 10.800/h Closing MCS-R Modular closing machine Bottle processing Capacity up to3.600/h

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Produccion hasta 7.200/ h

Process steps * Infeed of conveyor system pallets and insertion of bottles by means of a robot into the conveyor cups - type RP * double-path infeed into the filling machine - type DFV-D * losing of bottles via the various modules in the closing machine - type MCS-L * infeed of the closures via the storage module and a robot system - type DE * removal of the bottles from the conveyor cups - type SPM * binding in board of the bottles in boxes - type ROB * end package with palletizing Filling DFV-D Filling machine with filling...

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