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Tamizador GSF / GSFPro Para productos humedos


High throughputs For wet granulates and agglomerates

The Glatt rotor sieve GSF
for sizing of wet products after high shear granulation.

Optimum adaptation on product and process:
• 6 different sizes
• mobile, height-adjustable, hinged or rail-mounted design
• selection among 5 different rotor profiles
• 3 types of screens with hole sizes from 1 mm up to 20 mm
• variable rotor speed adjustment
• optimum adjustment of the gap between rotor and screen
• friction inserts for the crushing of lumps

Throughputs up to 5.000 kg per hour are possible, depending on unit size, process and product parameters.
All GSF sieves are optionally available in SC-SuperClean® (Clean In Place) and PRO (12 bar pressure-shock-resistant) design.


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